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The Snow Falls This Day

By PAUL LANDHERR, The Enlightener, Queens Village *

The snow falls this day

Slow at first

Gets heavier as time goes on

Children are happy

Can not wait to build a snowman


Even a snowangel gets a thought

A cold wind comes through the land

Night comes and the snowfall clears


The new fallen snow reflects

Light from the moonlit sky

Oh what a day!

* The Enlightener is the Newsletter of Redeemer Lutheran Church and Nursery School, 92-10 217th Street, Queens Village, New York. Paul Landherr is a member and Sexton of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer. He has lived all his life in Queens Village. Paul will be 36 years old in March and enjoys reading books and going to the movies. Reprints should be requested by calling 718-468-8868 or e-mailing Pastor Peggy Wuertele at


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