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Ship To Outer Spaces

A Poem By Mother Pearl Holmes from Love and Prayers

I wandered off to Outer Space,

  There were Sky Ships sailing on the Sea of Dreams,

Going around the Hills of Love;
And over the mountains above,
  and into the Golden Gates.
There I saw a smile on each Angel's face.
On the throne of grace sat the King of Kings,
  The Mother of Heaven and Earth,
    Sat Holy Mary the Queen.
As the Ship sailed around the Bay of Hope
  I heard glorious music on Silver Tambourines.
Heavenly songs were sung;
  Telling me, "The Rainbow is hung."
Meaning Peace, the end of Life's storms.
  Clouds of joy that washed away all tears,
No age limit, no years,
  Time stands still.
As I drifted down to the Sea of Forgetfulness
  to return no more,
Where the Rose of Sharon and the Sweet Lillies
of the Valley grow;
To gather honey, and feed, until I hunger no more!
  A voice from the Turtle Dove said, Awake!
It is time to go back to Old times, Old Things,
  Old Friends, and Old Places.
The Sky Ship will return! Back to Outer Spaces.
Yes, I wandered off to Outer Space;
There "were" Sky Ships sailing on the Sea of Dreams.

Tommie Pearl Holmes was born on December 25th, 1920 in Catuala, Georgia. Her family moved to Columbus, Georgia when she was three years old. There she started Second grade at the Fifth Avenue Grade School because she was taught at home by her mother and two aunts. At Spencer Vocational High School she majored in Home Economics and Nursing. She continued her studies at Jamaica Vocational High School upon relocating to Jamaica, NY and worked many years in Nursing until her retirement. Mother Pearl is a consecrated Deaconess in Calvary AME Church where Rev. Dr. E Alex Brower is Pastor. Her poems have been read at the White House by more than one Administration. A wonderful anthology of her original work can be obtained by contacting 


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