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Negligence Exceeds One Year!

HPG.jpg (27824 bytes) It's been over a year since a motor vehicle accident destroyed a beautiful pillar on the southeast corner of Hillside Avenue and 195th Place. "It's a terrible eyesore" said one area resident. "People use it as a bench to drink whiskey and wait for the bus. I heard one resident tripped over the debris and injured his leg coming home one evening. The lighting is poor and it
difficult to see where all the pieces are. I am ashamed of our Hollis Civic Club. Why don't they have term limits like everybody else?! It's time to get rid of the bunch of them and give new folks a chance. They haven't held open elections in years!" said another resident. It was also reported that roving bands of teens picked up the loose bricks and smashed car windows and vandalized homes on the block with segments of the debris. "Who do you complain to? The Community Board and elected officials are lame ducks and couldn't care less. This is an accident waiting to happen. It is only a matter of time before somebody gets hurt and the lawyers step in."



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