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"Global Community in Queens, New York City"

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Hollis Park Neighbors Gather!!

Here we go again! The People of Hollis Park Gardens are planning another exclusive international potluck garden party at the home of famed civil rights activists Lester and Amelia Allen. It will take place in the private garden of their home on August 31st; a perfect way to kick off the Labor Day Weekend. The rain-date is the next day on Sunday, September 1st. That way gourmet dishes may be re-heated if need be. Participants are encouraged to promote their ethnicity and stimulate interest in tourism for their respective countries of origin.
Residents are being asked to participate in advance by going door to door and personally inviting each and every neighbor in their community. "United We Stand" would be a good theme for this event. The community is also celebrating its great victory over the DEP. A multi-million dollar drinking water purification facility is currently under construction on 193rd Street and Jamaica Avenue. This is due in no small part to the efforts of the People of Hollis Park Gardens. "This Neighbor to Neighbor party is something extra special in our community and takes place Once Upon a Dream" said one Hollis Park Gardens resident. Besides making up for a limited and flawed mailing list, disseminating information in a personal fashion promotes meeting and establishing friendly relations with neighbors. Letters sent out with enclosed flyers ask that flyers be distributed to "one neighbor to the left of you, one neighbor to the right of you and one neighbor across from you." In this way it is inconceivable anyone will be able to say they were left out. "It is important we enjoy each other now above the ground; too late down the ground." -Swamipersaud Harnarain, 195th Place



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