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"Global Community in Queens, New York City"

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Hundreds Honor Don Daly!!!

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Above left to right: Hollis Park Gardens President Lester Allen, Ray Santos, Gregorianne Daly Rollins, Conswela Daly, Courtney Daly, Daren Daly, Kenneth Daly, Don Daly, Jr and Gregorianne's son Andrew Rollins.

Saturday, June 2, 2001 - In an unprecedented outpouring of affection hundreds of members of the Hollis Park Gardens Community turned out en masse to plant a tree in memory of their beloved neighbor Donald Richard Daly. "It was spiritually uplifting and poetic. The sequence of events flowed like Moses' parting of the Red Sea. An incessant rain halted just before 3:00 PM. Things stayed dry straight through until just ten minutes after it was over when torrential rains resumed. It was like someone upstairs wanted this to happen. One fellow was so moved he even kissed the ground! I will carry these incredible memories with me to my last day." Robin Harris remarked, "this has served to bring much needed warmth and community feeling back to Hollis Park Gardens." President Lester Allen pulled up in his exquisite Rolls Royce and parked it in the driveway. "This spot is reserved for the absolute best President Hollis Park Gardens ever had" said one resident. Lester Allen acted as impromptu MC. He praised the event and called for a "new beginning." Neighbor after neighbor after neighbor proudly announced their name, address and sentiments. Each family member spoke in turn. Neighbors were moved to tears when Don Daly's daughter, an accomplished journalist, read her personal memoirs of her father. She recalled a special Christmas time in Hollis and the deep significance of "planting a tree." President Lester Allen called for continued meetings and invited all assembled to visit with him at his home. Pastor Liggon offered up his best prayers on behalf of Gethsemene Baptist Church. Dr. and Mrs. Ozoude were congratulated for the fine job they did co-ordinating the Pot Luck Dinner. Artists Carlos Durazo and Michael Brudent

Kiss.jpg (27640 bytes) were applauded for their outstanding displays of fine art. Said Swamipersaud Harnarain, "I have lived in Hollis Park Gardens for nearly twenty years. We must enjoy each other now above the ground. It is too late down the ground. This is my best day ever in Hollis Park Gardens. God bless Mr. Daly." To the left Gladys Ozoude, President Lester Allen and Chinyere Okigwe look on as Mr. Marwah literally "kisses the earth" on the spot of the tree planting. "In all my days I never thought I would cry such tears of joy. I love my neighbor" he said. "God will protect us and carry us to victory!" All in all it was a most amazing and miracle filled day in
Hollis Park Gardens. On cue, rain immediately followed the event. It fell in torrents as if to wash away the sins of the world. Happy were those who were called to His supper.*

Liberty Park Community Family Day

August 4, 2001 will be a fun-filled Day for the whole family is sure to be had by all who attend. This event is sponsored by the Detective Keith Williams Home Owners & Tenants Association & the Combined Block Association of Jamaica. There will be activities for kids, refreshments, food, and health screenings by the Queens Hospital Center. The Metroplus Health Plan, a low cost health insurance plan, will be there. Free items will be distributed. Sugar's Prestigious Entertainment & Cee Walker, Inc. will provide the entertainment. It will take place from 11:00 AM until 5:00 PM. It will take place at Detective Keith Williams' Park also known as Liberty Park, 173rd Street & Liberty Avenue, Jamaica, New York 11433. In case of rain kindly reserve August 11, 2001. For more information please contact  Mrs. Ola Hamilton at (718) 291-8072.

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