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Holliswood Gardens Civic Association

Residents were asked randomly:

What do you like best about living in Holliswood Gardens?

Here are some of the answers:

I like to watch the squirrels in the morning.
I like the good quality of people in Holliswood Gardens.
It is quiet here and peaceful, like living in the country.
People are friendly, they say "good morning" and smile.
I like the fact that people from all religious and ethnic backgrounds are living together in harmony.
I feel quite safe.  People are looking out for each other.
The grounds are well-kept, it is a pleasure to sit on a bench and enjoy the summer day.
I love everything!
I like to live with my Lala (Grandma). Gahdon, 5 years
I can run and play freely. Gary, 3 years
I like to sit on my front steps early Sunday morning, listening to the birds and reading my paper.

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