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Rev Msgr Ray Chappetto To Build OLSnows Church!!


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Our Faith Community - The parish of Our Lady of the Snows is an extraordinarily vibrant community. Our parish is blessed with a growing community of nearly 3,000 families and households. In addition to fostering Catholic education through our elementary school and religious education program, our parish continues to grow as a faith community as a sign of God's kingdon here on earth.

We enjoy a substantial number of important ministies and programs including Acting Group, Altar Servers, Arts and Crafts Group, Bible Study, Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), Cornerstone Retreats, Eucharistic Ministers, Evangelization, Finance Committe, Golden Age Club, Holy Name Society,

Home School Association, Human Concerns Center, Lectors, Liturgy Committee, Liturgy in Malayalam Language, Ministries of Hospitality, Music Ministry, Parker Geriatric Institute Group, Prayer Groups, Religious Education Program, Respect Life Committee, Rosary Society, Boy Scouts, Sewing Group, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Solos Group, Youth Group and an ever-expanding website; www.olsnows.org.

Our Need for a New Worship Space - For many months, a planning committee has surveyed the parish community, reviewed demographics, worked with church organizations, and consulted the Diocese to develop a facilities plan that will effectively meet the immediate and foreseeable needs of Our Lady of the Snows Parish.

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We are challenged to provide a worship space that will not only serve our growing parish needs and programs, but also will attract new parishioners and activities and nourish them in faith. We need to build a new Church large enough to accommodate present and future parishioners and to provide a larger setting for Mass, baptism, weddings, funerals and for all the liturgical activities.

What it comes down to is this: The original church, built in 1948 as a temporary structure, has deteriorated. The Human Concerns Center, one of our premier ministries, housed in this building, can benefit from a larger area to maintain and enhance all its programs. Our growth is straining our current church building, originally built fifty years ago in 1953 as an auditorium. As we celebrate the new millenium we are challenged to provide a church to accommodate our parishioners. The need is even more profound due to the declining number of priests in our diocese providing ministry in our parishes.  -continued on OLSnows page 2



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