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The People Of Hollis Park Gardens Summer Party 2002

It was a picture perfect ending to a wonderful summer for the residents and friends of Hollis Park Gardens. The venue was the marvelous private garden of Lester & Amelia Allen. Everyone knows the Allens's and their lovely home. It has received visits from VIP's the world over. "This year's entertainment was utterly fantastic! I will never forget the spectacular performance by the K3G Dancers. Shava, shava is my favorite! It's all about loving your parents!" said Deepak Marwah. Deepak should know! (Listen to a Real Audio version of the dance music the K3G Dancers performed.Go to http://www.hindisongs.net/ and click on Say "Shava Shava").

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K3G Dancers; Jefferson Kurtz, Marina Kurtz, Adrienne Kurtz & Christian Foley NYPD from the 103rd Precinct with Amelia Allen & Precinct Council President Donna Clopton, Lt Curtis Campbell (white shirt)
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Phyllis Cadle and Family with Community Activist Ken Daly, brother of Don Daly Susan Abel-Bey, Joe & Claudia Buckingham, Vice President of the Hollis Park Gardens Association
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Lester Allen, Larry Cormier & Mike Kurtz Hon Jim Gennaro, NYC Councilmember, Gail Sankarsingh & Dr. Bernard Lewin

Deepak recently graduated from the music program at Queens College. He was invited to sing solo on September 11th, 2002. The international broadcast was live from the Unisphere in Flushing Meadow Park. This was in remembrance of the attack on World Trade Center. "That little girl Marina has all the right moves. I can't believe she has no Indian blood at all. It proves that Hollis Park Gardens really is a global community in Queens. We are honored." said Zenat Marwah, Deepak's sister. "The best part was when a dozen or so NYPD police officers showed up at the party. People were wondering if something was wrong. Lester Allen proclaimed, "Everyone is under arrest!" It was startling but the gag was up when the police went straight for the gourmet buffet." said Gail Sankarsingh. Police Officers included: Police Officer Ricky Lowe, A/Lt. Curtis Campbell, A/Sgt. David Silva, Syed Mustafa, Mario Hyppolite, Yvette Hawkins, and Jean Roulanges. The potluck dishes were numerous and very tasty. Donna Clopton, President of the NYPD 103rd Precinct Community Council was all smiles. Beautiful plaques were presented to (continued on next page)


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